Featuring a lightweight design that was based on the standard Silverado there was little to not like about the Joe Gibbs' 2004 Chevy Silverado, not to mention the intimidating black paint job. Our subject today is a 2004 Chevrolet Tahoe, dressed with Joe Gibbs Limited Edition special sauce. As we walked up to the truck, a little voice said let's go burn some rubber. The QBs and RBs were replaceable while the oline (The Hogs) the WR corp (The Smurfs/Fun Bunch/Posse . The front seats have additional bolstering (these seem legitimately custom-made) and have suede inserts in the center portion. Quote; Link to comment Share on other sites. Joe Gibbs started off his career through an appearance in the form of an aggressive line coach in San Diego State below Coryell (from 1964 till 1966). Wrapped around the stylized wheels are Bridgestone's new Dueler H/P 20-inch tires, measuring P275/55R20. Featuring a lightweight design that was based on the standard Silverado there was little to not like about the Joe Gibbs' 2004 Chevy Silverado, not to mention the intimidating black paint job. sometimes they seem to good to be true. A quick stab of the "go" pedal put us quickly into the triple-digit zone. My Joe Gibbs Silverado is my absolute favorite. But the fun didn't stop there. The Ford SVT Lightning managed to remain a staple of the Ford lineup until 2004, since being replaced by the SVT Raptor. Add better handling and looks--all for less money than the SS--and, for those of you that prefer to shift for yourselves, a manual transmission, which isn't even available on an SS. And the fuel economy is pretty decent, too. The Gibbs Performance Tahoe boasts many of the same features, but adds an audio/video package with a DVD-based entertainment system. Many were hoping the new SS would be able to compete head to head with the Lightning by sporting some sort of blower on a small-block powerplant. Our quarter-mile showed consistent passes just above 14 seconds. The JGP seat upgrade ($995) offers a sport-leather/suede combination that could come in handy when taking advantage of the improved handling characteristics. He couldn't take it anymore and ordered his Swabian to assume full throttle. Ride was compliant and provided positive feedback to the driver, while noise was surprisingly down. So you're a big-time Chevrolet fan but the new Silverado SS leaves you wanting, especially in contrast to its rivals. We were most impressed with the performance of the truck and its reliability as an everyday driver. I agree it's stupidly optioned. Some sporty five-spoke deep-dish rims help the overall look here. This was early '80s in a relatively small town. From the onset, the focus of the new operation, Joe Gibbs Performance, was to be on performance-oriented products to be delivered to select Chevrolet dealerships throughout the country. After two passes, we realized that the incredible low-speed torque demanded better traction. Eventually I stopped explaining and just showed them the car, typically a LX trim. Selling my 2005 Joe Gibbs Supercharged Silverado. You'll find some interior modifications once you open the front door. Vehicle history and comps for 2005 Chevrolet Silverado Joe Gibbs Performance Package VIN: 1GCEC14T15Z151438 - including sale prices, photos, and more. The 2014 Dodge Ram ST Hemi is an entry-level way to get into a fun to drive the truck that has a powerful engine that can hang with most performance cars. 2005 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 JOE GIBBS PERFORMANCE SPORT Dark Blue Metallic over Dark Charcoal Only 30,153 Miles! Gibbs-designed 20x8.5-inch Hyper Silver wheels with Goodyear Eagle LS P275/55R20 tires are matched to a tuned suspension. Are you sure you want to proceed? An oil and filter change was carried out approximately 200 miles ago. As we each took turns behind the wheel stabbing the accelerator at every opportunity we soon realized that our pickup was no ordinary Chevy, mostly due to the whine resonating from under the hood. An optional feature on each Silverado is a manual five-speed transmission with a Gibbs/Hurst manual shifter. Stock-sounding and quiet at speed, toe into the throttle, and the deep note is very pleasing to the enthusiast's ear. Typically, though, when we get a new truck, we are focused on the utility it demonstrates and the way the engineers have designed it to ride and carry a payload well, and exhibit cogent interior appointments--until we got our mitts on this Magnuson-supercharged '05 Silverado with the special Joe Gibbs Performance package. The Dodge Ram Rebel 1500 is a serious contender against the Ford Raptor. Runs great, drives straight, cold A/C, heat, factory Bose stereo, cruise control, etc. 2005 Joe Gibbs Performance Silverado 395 HP 5.3 Gibbs magnum supercharged and intercooled V-8. The one of a kind Joe Gibbs' 2004 Chevy Silverado was a limited production vehicle and these trucks hold their value quite well. Worked my way through 2 years of college selling Mazda's and all Honda products except cars. Prev. $10,000. For more information on the Joe Gibbs Performance Silverados and Tahoes, or to find a dealer near you, contact: Joe Gibbs Performance, Dept. In the dash, theres an aftermarket Sony GPS unit, as well as a signed placard where there would normally be a small cubby. Joe Jackson Gibbs (born November 25, 1940) is an American auto racing team owner and former professional football coach. You are not connected to real-time updates. The braking numbers were actually lower than a stock '02 Z28 at an amazing 125 feet on a Baer brake-equipped vehicle such as ours. GM had some serious stupidity on the GMT800 seats they provided customizers. Youll find some interior modifications once you open the front door. Honestly the truck is real nice, but for some reason it appears that this model of the Silverado just doesn't bring in a premium price anymore. For fans and owners of any Joe Gibbs Performance vehicles, Silverado Tahoe, Avalanche, and. The only other complaint we had with the Joe Gibbs Performance Silverado had to do with the shifter. After spinning Joe Gibbs Racing teammate Brandon Jones out of the lead on the final lap, the 20-year old Gibbs has been roundly criticized and reviled to the point that his own family has had to . Our tester had all three, including the dealer-installed supercharger/intercooler package ($5000), which gives you a Gibbs-designed Roots-type intercooled-supercharger that Gibbs says makes 390 horsepower and 425 pound-feet of torque. A great 2 years. View all lots. Made for a limited production run in 2003, the Joe Gibbs' 2004 Chevy Silverado was the truck that you wanted in your garage. With the 20-inch SS-looking wheels and the unique front fascia, most folks who saw the truck were convinced it was the new standard cab SS that Chevrolet hinted at delivering for '04. Providing a vast improvement over adequate braking is a Gibbs/Baer-designed brake package that includes upgraded larger drilled and slotted rotors. Once in the capable hands of Gibbs engineers and installers, the custom interior, suspension, brakes, wheels, trim and blower are installed and tested. When Ford ended production of their Lightning pickup truck in 2004 there was a void that was left in their lineup, missing a performance truck. As the rpms build, the linear power of the supercharger propels the truck with authority. Released as another hot SUV, the 2009 Chevrolet TrailBlazer SS was one of the more tire blistering models to come out of a GM assembly line in the last decade. Even then it's difficult to sell. There aremany other memorable performance trucks as well, and we will take a look at those models which are more than capable of racing a supercar or just burning some serious rubber. This 2004 Chevy Silverado comes with a 5.3L V-8 and a Joe Gibbs performance kit which features a supercharger. Note the rear bumper, which has been taken from a Yukon Denali model of similar vintage. He still hasn't . 2002 Chevrolet LS1 Silverado - Opportunity! It attaches to the splitter. In terms of performance, the truck lives up to its heritage. Summer trip to the cornfields? Joe Gibbs Silverado for sale in Deltona, Florida $20,500 Share it or review it Joe Gibbs Performance Limited Production Silverado #305. Moreover, he has continued on that position below Bill Peterson in Florida State (from 1967 till 1968) prior to functioning below John McKay in Southern California (from 1969 till 1970) and Frank . Daily we'd have customers seeing the Honda sign and come in looking for an Accord. Moving inside, we again found a well thought-out mix of comfort and performance. Gibbs, began to suffer from a neurological disease. Gift. Very rare to find a fully loaded low serial number # 54 of 7500 Joe Gibbs Silverados made in the first year All maintenance is up to date. Overall, the interior is simple but effective and, by not going overboard with the add-ons, will be well received by the public. There is no way 45 HP and a mere .5 sec reduction in the quarter mile is worth $5000. Another 2 hour flight. We would have loved to drive one with the five-speed, since we're sure the truck could smoke the tires in the first three gears, however, our tester was an automatic tuned by Gibbs. 3k-Mile 2005 Chevrolet Silverado Supercharged Joe Gibbs Performance for sale on BaT Auctions - sold for $38,500 on September 28, 2020 (Lot #37,013) | Bring a Trailer Bid for the chance to own a 3k-Mile 2005 Chevrolet Silverado Supercharged Joe Gibbs Performance at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. The JGP Silverado is allocated through select Chevrolet dealers via a ship-through code, which means you order and pick it up from the dealer. Truck is in great condition and if you're looking at this ad, then you know how special this truck is. J.D. 5.3L, Automatic. A start-up and walk-around video can be viewed below. Gibbs also digs deep into the performance aftermarket world and pulls out some of the most respected names in the industry to help him achieve his winning combination. Freelance writer who has been interested in everything automotive since a young age. When it comes to one of the most memorable supercars around, the Dodge Viper is almost non-comparable to many other cars. Power is delivered to the rear wheels through a limited-slip differential with 3.73:1 gearing. JGP offers three options--two JGP-installed and one dealer-installed. I'm sure some bean counter thought this was a very good idea. Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT Limited Joe Gibbs Edition (2005) Sale price: US $22,000.00 Make an Offer Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States Vehicle description 2005 Silverado 1500 Regular Cab Short Bed Joe Gibbs Edition Pickup Truck (Regular cab version of an SS pickup) #335 of 600 (Only Made in 2004-2005) 5 Pictures. The . NOT FOLLOWING FOLLOW MARKET VIEW PRICES . No known mechanical issues. Embroidered with Gibbs' logos and covered in attractive suede and leather, the seats provided comfort, support, and looked good doing it. Silverado SS's have lately been going through a similar slump, unless the truck has extremely low miles. Adult driven and always garaged. Terms of Use, Your Privacy Choices Surprise, Beemer Breath! Silverado SS wheels with tires weigh 78lb each. Truck is in great condition and if you're looking at this ad, then you know how special this truck is. of torque. Myself and 3 others, 1 female who was attractive, friendly and pretty ethical, but new little about cars and less about math. Perhaps one of the rarest models on this list, the Dodge Lil' Red Express was a limited production run of the notable Dodge Ram pickup truck. Nobody will doubt youre driving a Joe Gibbs Performance Tahoe, as the badges festooning the car are massive. Modifying a vehicle to make it sporting and luxurious would make more sense if you used one of the versions which already contained luxury features. Bidding will advance immediately to $. 1988 Monte Carlo SS 5.3/T56 and a whole bunch of mods. Your bid has been posted in the comment flow on the listing, and you can see other bids there as they happen. I totally agree i'd rather whipple it then to spend an extra 5000. they said that it didn't handle as well as the SS. Well, you're right but yours wouldn't have the factory warranty anymore, as this one does. This joe Gibbs has every option except for the seats, this one has cloth seats. MARKETS AUCTIONS DEALERS . Another truck that can handle its own is the Chrysler answer to the Ford Raptor, the Dodge Ram Rebel 1500. A Joe Gibbs Performance warranty/owners manual, a factory assembly sheet, a Joe Gibbs football card, and a car cover are also included in the sale. Limited Production, Numbered, Rare and Collectible. This truck also comes with a limited edition paint job, making for a winning combination of style and performance that is especially fun to drive. Each Gibbs Performance Silverado is recognizable by the Joe Gibbs Performance badging both inside and out, along with the unique Gibbs-designed 20x8.5-inch Hyper Silver wheels wrapped with 275/55R20 Goodyear Eagle LS tires. Pricing on the Silverado ranges from $29,900-$37,500 for the standard cab models, while Tahoes will cost between $42,000 and $47,000, depending on the options and whether it's a two-wheel or four-wheel drive. Interior appointments include an exclusive JGP instrument cluster, logo-embroidered floormats and seat backs, a dash plaque, and an upgraded shifter, all for $6500 over the cost of the stock truck. IIRC this was around 340 pound feet of torque out of the box NA. Adding good looks and performance to the mix are five-spoke wheels, designed by Gibbs, measuring 20x8.5 inches at each corner. Offering enough get up and go for any situation, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 6.2L is fun to drive and a stellar option that offers much more power than the traditional 5.3L Vortec V8 engine. While you all have been reading Super Chevy road tests for quite some time, you've yet to get some insight on a pickup. I was the only real car guy and while the Mazda line-up was generally a good one, they were a fringe brand in a small market and I had more fun selling and demoing bikes. The grandson of team owner Joe Gibbs competed part-time in 2021 as a rookie behind the wheel of the "star car"', then the #54 Toyota, and he won four times in 18 starts. Your real-time updates could not be connected. 20" Joe Gibbs signature alloy wheels. Attempting to connect. While not quite in production, we made it clear to the folks at JGP that when the time was right, we would love. The truck is finished in black and features a Joe Gibbs Performance front bumper cover, a tailgate spoiler, and special badging. Still available at ListedBuy! On top of the GM three-year, 36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, each Joe Gibbs Performance vehicle will be offered with a five-year 75,000-mile powertrain warranty, which helps take the worry out of owning a supercharged vehicle. A couple more color options other than black would be nice, but we suspect as the popularity and sales of the vehicle increase, so will the option list and color choices. With keys in hand, we began this journey as pessimists because we drive so many tuner-inspired trucks that do not meet our strict criteria of total truck improvement. The Chevrolet Silverado SS could also be ordered in a standard RWD format, and there were quite a few unique coloration types to be had. We would have loved to drive one with the five-speed, since we're sure the truck. This supercharged Silverado indicates 3k miles and is offered by the seller on behalf of the owner with a Joe Gibbs Performance warranty/owners manual, a window sticker, a car cover, a clean Carfax report, and a clean Massachusetts title. The Ford F-150 Shelby is a limited production vehicle, and with this much horsepower, youd be hard pressed to find a factory truck as decent as this one. 20 subscribers Joe Gibbs Silverado #848 4.8L Dyno tuned 500HP 3.2" pulley 10PSI Long tube headers Walbro 250 45lb OEM injectors AEM wideband Boost gauge Full 3" exhaust Texas Speed Boost cam. No known mechanical issues. All original factory equipment and Joe Gibbs options. One guy was an old-timer, super nice grandfatherly type, moved at his own pace, had been there awhile and had built a small but loyal clientele who would refer others to him. Dave Alpern started with Joe Gibbs Racing as an intern in 1992 after being a friend of the family for years. Walk around. By the time you read this, another JGP product should be available: the JGP Tahoe, starting in January 2004. More sharing options. It's got enough power to trounce the 6.0-liter SS. With the advent of the Ford F150 Lightning, the pickup truck market experienced a resurgence in vehicles that were both fast and fun to drive. Jason Campbell fumbles (forced by Stylez G. White ), recovered by Kevin Carter at WAS -18 (tackle by Chris Samuels) WAS challenged the ruling, and the play was upheld. Recognizing a void in Chevrolet's factory performance offerings, three-time Super Bowl-winning coach and two-time NASCAR Winston Cup Championship-winner, Joe Gibbs, teamed up with his son Coy, who is also a NASCAR competitor, to come up with their own line of performance trucks. Reconnected! Approx$ 50k new Call Ryan @ 405-628-8685 (US $25,000.00) 2001 chevrolet silverado z71 4wd 1500 ls extended cab pickup 4-door 5.3l (US $4,500.00) Auto Services in Oklahoma ST, 12415 Reese Blvd., Huntersville, NC 28078, (800) 547-2677, www.joegibbsperformance.com. While it is true that you might not expect a pickup truck to be much of a performance car this could not be further from the truth, there have been quite a few fun to drive pickups that really changed the way that we view these traditional workhorses. Those things flew out the door which was good because I thing there was about $200 in the deal if you couldn't talk the customer into a $249 step bumper or the $800 dealer installed A/C. With a ride that was not too harsh for daily driving but firm enough to tackle the corners, we found this mix to be the perfect blend of performance and comfort. Thats for when youre hammering this beast around the track! one thing many older Redskins fans will remember is how Gibbs teams always made a 2nd half adjustment and played better at the end of games. China Likes Daimler So Much, They Bought The Company - Well, A Chunk Of It, 2022 Kia Carnival SX/SX Prestige Review - Road Warrior, Five Companies and Dealers on the Naughty List. You also get some white gauges, replacing the standard black ones. According to the listing (no longer active), Mr. Gibbs is a Super Bowl-winning football coach who also ran a successful team in NASCAR. Still, the handling and performance puts storage secondary to fun. Five months later, here we are. 19 MPG. If you don't win, your existing pre-authorization will be released. If so please use the bidding box above. Silverado Ss0-60 mph: 7.44 Seconds1/4 mile: 15.79 Seconds @ 87.4 mph60-0 mph: 121 Feet, Joe Gibbs Performance Silverado0-60 mph: 6.39 Seconds1/4 mile: 15.13 Seconds @ 98.3 mph60-0 mph: 119 Feet. The Vortec 5.3L V8 takes to forced induction very well -- the stock 4-speed automatic if it isn't the HD model can take the HP, my question is what is the torque number. A lot of money was put into it in last 9 months. The Toyota Tundra TRD Supercharged is an impressive off-road beast, similar to the Raptor in many aspects. Whether it's a Z06 Vette, one of the last Camaros, or the '04 Impala 9C1 police vehicle, we dig the experience. Adding elegance to the package is a set of custom Gibbs gauges that are silver during the day and reverse electroluminescent at night. and i can drive from San Diego to Las Vegas on 3/4 to 7/8 tank of gas.. 5-15-13 update : well I broke a couple of teeth off the planetary gears at 128,000 miles. Turning more than 700 miles on the Silverado's odometer, we had the opportunity to clearly evaluate the truck's performance from the aspects of the freeway, roadways, and twisty canyon turnouts. We're sure we could have done better if we stayed out of the pedal, but with this much performance calling you, it sure is fun to blow off some steam now and then (read: constantly). Smoking these tires was as easy as dipping into the throttle, thanks to a blown 5.3L V-8. At this point you may be thinking that with a wad of cash an a bit of spare time you could build a truck like this yourself! Made for a limited production run in 2003, the Joe Gibbs' 2004 Chevy Silverado was the truck that you wanted in your garage. To the best of my knowledge, an extended cab weighs 300lb more than a regular cab. By now, the odometer had 125 on it and the tires still had the nubs on them. A 4wd weighs 300lb more than a 2wd. The Dodge Dakota 5.9 R/T has held its value because of superior build quality, and that makes the Dodge Dakota 5.9 R/T a winner in terms of performance and aftermarket accessories. young dolph cars bulletproof,

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